Workflow Process “Save As” functionality in Dynamics CRM 2011

Often there is a need to create a complex Process (workflow) and then shortly thereafter, recreate it with slightly different parameters. Dynamics CRM 2011 does not come with a “Save as” mechanism for workflows like it does for advanced finds and Views so it would seem you would have to go in and recreate the new workflow to match the one that already exists.

There is a requirement for the creation of multiple views (27 to be exact) and accompanying workflows that could be run on demand to affect just the records in these views. The views were fairly easy to recreate as only one piece of data in the grid was changed and after creating one and doing a “Save As” for the other 26, the process was straight forward.

The workflows were not quite that easy to create but very simple to duplicate. Each workflow did essentially the same thing (set a completion date on an entity after some validity checking) but each view represented a different date field on that entity. What we did was create a workflow for the first view and instead of saving with the ‘Activate As” value of “Process”, we saved it as a “Process Template”. We published this and as we created the other workflows, we simply chose to base them on this template.

All that needed to be done with this new workflow was to change the values being looked at in the steps that determined if an update was required and also change the field that was being updated. After the 26 “copies” were made, we unpublished the original “template” workflow, set the “Active As” to “Process” re-saved it and we had all 27 workflows done in a very short time.

As an additional benefit, all of the commenting of the workflow was identical so the end result was in a consistent form.

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